We continue to build out our strategic alliances across commercial, clinical and manufacturing areas.

These collaborations enhance the potential for the success of our product candidates, which mitigates our capital obligations and commercial risk.

JCR Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd has been granted an exclusive right in Japan to Mesoblast’s technology for use in conjunction with the treatment for hematologic malignancies using hematopoietic stem cell transplants derived from peripheral blood, cord blood or bone marrow. JCR has received Japanese Government regulatory approval for its mesenchymal stem cell-based product for children and adults with acute graft versus host disease. TEMCELL® HS Inj. is the first allogeneic cell-based product to receive full approval in Japan.

Mesoblast has an alliance with the Lonza Group for long-term commercial manufacturing requirements of its product candidates. We believe this alliance provides Mesoblast with significant commercial advantages, including capacity to meet long-term global supply of its proprietary product candidates, exclusive access to Lonza’s cell therapy facilities in Singapore, and the potential for a purpose-built manufacturing facility to be built by Lonza to meet Mesoblast’s long-term commercial objectives.

Future collaborations

We will continue to evaluate and, where appropriate, enter into additional collaborations to further advance our product candidate portfolio and to gain access to scientific expertise or funding support.

For more information on business development or partnering opportunities, please email [email protected].