We have applied our proprietary cell technology platform, which is based on mesenchymal lineage adult stem cells (MLCs), to build what we believe is the most advanced regenerative medicine portfolio in the industry. This technology has the potential to address multiple serious conditions with highly unmet medical needs.

Understanding and capitalizing on the mechanisms of action of our proprietary MLCs has enabled us to develop MLC-based products that target specific disease states. These mechanisms of action demonstrated in preclinical models include induction of tissue repair, new blood vessel network formation, and immunomodulation.

All our products are allogenic or “off-the-shelf”, meaning stem cells from a single donor can be expanded and used in many unrelated patients without the need for tissue-matching. Our proprietary manufacturing processes are designed to enable production at commercial scale with reproducibility and batch-to-batch consistency.

Products have been prioritized into two tiers based on stage of development, market opportunity, and expected time to market. Tier 1 represents our lead programs where we focus the majority of our time and resources. Tier 2 programs have the potential to advance to Tier 1 depending on newly-generated data, market opportunity or partnering options. Additionally, we have a significant pipeline of earlier-stage programs.

Five programs, two of which are partnered, are in active Phase 3 clinical studies or Phase 3-ready, and four programs are in Phase 2 trials.

Our lead product candidates include MPC-150-IM for congestive heart failure, MPC-06-ID for chronic lower back pain due to moderate degenerative disc disease, MSC-100-IV for steroid refractory acute graft versus host disease (GVHD), and MPC-300-IV for biologic refractory rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetic nephropathy.

Clinical Pipeline Chart