Lead Product Candidates

MPC-150-IM is our Phase 3 product candidate under investigation for the treatment of chronic congestive heart failure (CHF) currently enrolling patients across North America.

We completed a Phase 2 trial in patients with Class II/III (New York Heart Association) CHF in 2013. Click here for clinical trial results. 

The United States National Institute of Health is conducting a 120-patient Phase 2b trial using MPC-150-IM in patients with end-stage CHF requiring mechanical circulatory support.

Patients with advanced and end-stage heart failure represent a serious unmet medical need.

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MPC-06-ID is our Phase 3 product candidate under investigation for the treatment of chronic low back pain (CLBP) due to disc degeneration.

The primary objective of our Phase 2 study was to evaluate the safety of MPCs in CLBP. Secondary objectives were to evaluate efficacy parameters such as radiographic, low back pain, function/disability, medication usage, work status and quality of life improvement measures. Click here for the clinical trial results. A Phase 3 clinical trial is actively enrolling CLBP patients.

A Phase 3 clinical trial is actively enrolling CDLBP patients.

Most current treatments for CLBP focus on pain relief rather than addressing the underlying degenerative nature of the disease. We believe MPC-06-ID has the potential to fill an unmet treatment gap for this large population of patients.

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MSC-100-IV is our Phase 3 intravenously-delivered product candidate, which is being developed for the treatment of acute Graft Versus Host Disease (aGVHD) following allogeneic bone marrow transplantation.

Since 2008 an expanded access program, or EAP, called Protocol 275, has been conducted for a group of pediatric patients with steroid refractory (SR)-aGVHD treated with an MLC product candidate consisting of 100 million MLCs/unit dose (MSC-100-IV). The results of the first 75 patients from Protocol 275 were published in 2013, and additional analysis of data from the first 160 patients has recently been completed. Click here for the results of this EAP.

A 60-patient pediatric Phase 3 trial for MSC-100-IV is actively enrolling patients in the United States.

Mesoblast’s licensee in Japan for aGVHD, JCR Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd., has received Japanese Government regulatory approval for its MSC-based product for children and adults with aGVHD. TEMCELL® HS Inj. is the first allogeneic cell-based product to receive full approval in Japan.

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MPC-300-IV  is an intravenously-delivered immunomodulatory product candidate for the treatment of chronic inflammatory conditions, including biologic-refractory rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetic nephropathy.

A Phase 2 trial of MPC-300-IV is ongoing in patients with biologic-refractory rheumatoid arthritis. Both dose cohorts have completed enrollment.

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A Phase 2 trial in patients with diabetic nephropathy was completed in 2015. The results were presented at the late-breaking scientific sessions of the 75th annual meeting of the American Diabetes Association in June 2015. Click here for results from this Phase 2 trial.

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